Expected foals 2020

Heart-Throb BS (Heartbeat Z-Barnaul XX)

+ Mai Thai E by Kaschmir-Ilasso-Graf (100 %) due 2020-07-03


Belami DSP (Belantis-Samba Hit II)

+ Samy de Luxe by Semper-Samenco II K-Watzmann (100 %) due 2020-06-17


Sir Statham ML (Sir Cisco-Flovino)

+ Wicky Paola by De Niro-Landkaiser-Goodtimes (100 %) due 2020-06-15

+ Patrola by Don Pikado-Brandenburger (100 %) due 2020-06-19

+ Zhenyi XX by Galileo-Royal Academy (100 %) due 2020-06-17


Karat du Plessis (Padock du Plessis-Corofino)

+ Yahoo Coloured filly, Kalypso af Elestorp born 2020-05-19


*) % chance of colored foal


all foals can be bought in utero. Included is choice of name and the right to be breeder

Sires of foals born 2020

Expected foals 2019


+ Skyfall E by Sir Cisco-Mondras-Duralin Brown colt born May 5th

+ Wind Beauty by Igor Brick-SJ´s Photo coloured filly born May 3rd



+ V.Pr.St Z-Claire by Clarimo-Contender-Julio Mariner XX coloured colt born May 1st

+ Little Lucy by Lord Z-Darco-Calvados Brown filly born 2019-07-08


Heart-Throb BS (Heartbeat Z-Barnaul XX)

+ Mojito E by Coupe d'Or-Ilasso-Graf  coloured filly 06.19 Mojito is sold in foal

+ Mai Thai E by Kaschmir-Ilasso-Graf  coloured filly born 2019-07-04


Foals 2017

Frascino x Mai Thai E

Mai Thai and Frascino (Fürst Wilhelm-Don Frederico) got a filly this year,  Moët Chandon E, born July 8th. We are very pleased with this one, at the foal show she got a 9 for her type and 9,5 for her trot.

Earl x Yahoo

Filly Exentiel E is born 2017.08.09. A charcoal black foal with blaze and four socks. At the foal show she recieved 8,5 for type, 8,5 for walk, 9 for trot and an 8 for her canter.

Foals 2018

Armison x Skyfall E

Skyfall E is in foal to the talented Armison (Armitage x Cicero Z), due in Feb. 2018

Filly born 2018-02-08, chestnut, Arktis E

Premium filly


Ketanou x Mojito E

Mojito E is pregnant with the Redefin State Stud stallion Ketanou. Performance test winner by by Kalaska de Semilly-Corrado I, due July 9th 2018.

This foal is sold in utero

Chestnut filly born 2018-06-27

For Romance I x Mai Thai E

Mai Thai is pregnant with the fantastic For Romance OLD, by Fürst Romancier-Sir Donnerhall I. Due July 8th 2018

Filly born 2018-07-06

Moonshine af Elestorp

Premium filly with 9 for type and 9,5 for trot!

Heart-Throb BS x Angrove Mumsbuns XX

Mumsbuns is in foal to our well moving scopey premium stallion Heart-Throb BS. The foal will be an excellent eventer. The foal will be born June 19th 2018

Brown colt born 2018-06-20

Spidex af Elestorp

Premium colt