Sir Statham ML

*2/3-2016, homozygous, Mecklenburg Verband

 approved in HB I warmblood, Mecklenburg

Breeder Lillian & Cato Strand, Stutteri ML, Norway


Statham was in Germany for preparation to be licensed 2019 , and June 12th he was shown to Mecklenburg Verband, who gave him thumbs up for warmblood main studbook with score 7,62, where he recieved 8´s for gallop and jumping. We are really excited about this, as there are very few homozygous stallion available (if any?) in Europe for warmblood breeding. He is very light in his front in trot and canter, jumps very well, learns everything really quick, has a super rideability and we just made a little video of him at the first training cross country. 

Sir Statham is now one of the talented young horses for eventing, a project SWB and the swedish riding federation founded last year to select and provide training for the most talented 4 and 5 yo horses (about 20 in total). He got a very good judgement, and the total impression "A very pleasent horse which is very well educated and presented in a good way".

There is also a short video of him jumping a small course

Sir Statham ML       

Sir Cisco (ex San Diego E)              


Sandro Hit                    

Rosenfee e Rohdiamant                       

Florida E                      


Pensylvania e Polany                     

ML Fit for Fun   


Florestan I                     

Angelina e Apart                          

VPS/LSt Flin Flon                        


Ster/Elite Georgia e Samber

(Zottie-stam, Merrielijn 36, fokfamilie 300) out of Utica by Regress out of Porta by Porter out of Zottie  (keur pref prest) by Marco Polo out of Lottie by Sinaeda out of Wiena by Commandeur


Statham at his first lesson cross country in april 2020.

More photos from april 2020

Sir Statham in june 2019

Below photos from pre selection to Danish Pinto´s licensing 2018. He off course got his "ticket". Comments from the judge:

"Elegant stallion of good type with well set neck, good shoulders, well formed croup. He is a classy, harmonic, well marked stallion with correct legs and hoofs. His trot is good and he has a roomy, ground covering canter"

Pre licensing in Denmark 2018

This damline has produced many approved stallions such as: Amadeus, First Verdi, Irco Polo, Rancouver, Jarouska, Arlando, Safari, Widam, Hamiro, Vancouver, Toronto V, Odysseus Z, Soul Man, Gaudy, Ferrari, Winchester, Sir Cisco, Wiarpo, St Nazaire C, Gummaraes VDL, Dominicus-W, Gaudi. In december 2018 Monaco by Moses-Fidermark (in the direct damline to Statham) recieved premium at the liceninsing in Kreuth, Germany and was sold to Switzerland for 30 000 euros.


From this damline descends also an impressive amount of competition horses for jumping:


1.60m: Amadeus/Karim El Zoghby, Richmond W/Henrik Lanner, Vindicat W/Jessica Springsteen (lag-guld i OS i London), Lottie W/Schuyler Riley (bild nedan), Jarno W/Fillipo Lupis, Toronto V/Kim Bril, Springtime/Harrie Smolders, Woklahoma/Roberto Teran Tafur, HBR Tennessee W/Henk van de Pol, Ermis/Henk van de Broek, Poncorde/Hanno Ellermann, Wiesielottie/Nicole Persson, Brunotti VDL/Martín Rodriguez Vanni


1.55m: Brown Sugar/Ibrahim Hani Bisharat

1.50m: Utika V/Rodrigo Morgado, Elastigirl/Vincent Deller, Dartbreaker/Danielle Goldstein, Heechhiem's Eottie/Jur Vrieling, Braveheart V/Jake Saywell, Zadkine W/Abdelfattah Outenrhirine, Lambada/Marc van Dijk


1.45m: Corlanda/Maria Ingvarsson, Zorado/Danielle Golstein,  

Conair 3/Bshayer Esmail Al Boinin, Tennessee V Z/Kars Bonhof, Von Dutch/Danny Schaper, Wyoming/Ines Hernandez Yanguas, Belhoma/Yves Dietrich, Celottie HS/Hendrik-Jan Schuttert, Demillion W/Okil Sobirjonov